How To Build A Planter Box With Fence Boards

12 in 30 cm is a good length for your fence board pieces if you want a medium-sized planter box.

How to build a planter box with fence boards. Usually they have both cedar and redwood either will work. I ripped four legs at 2 12 and one of the 39 sides into two 2 12 wide boards and one of the 13 ends into two 2 12 wide boards. This shelf-styled fence planter holds a small planter box on the top can support a little hanging basket and can hold a few smaller pots on its bottom shelf.

I took the two remaining legs and ripped them to 3 wide to be used in the center. When painted it can add a lot of visual appeal to your yard. You will need to make sure that the rectangle is square which means that the corners are all 90 degrees.

6ft no cut required 6 fence boards at 2ft length. These 4 pieces will be used to form the sides on the 2 shorter ends of your box. Measure and mark your lengths on the fence board with a measuring tape and straight edge and cut them the same way you cut your other pieces.

I made sure to keep the two pieces of each leg together to make matching legs. 6 fence boards at full length. I didnt want the screws to show in the front of my planter box so I used pocket holes but this isnt a necessary step.

Instead of trying to measure how far off the side of the board I needed to go to match the vertical 2 x 3 boards I just cut 10 11 inch long 2 x3 sections and then used the 2 12 screws and made 4 L corner pieces the shorter side I screwed the short 3 foot length fence boards too once I had both my short sections screwed to the L corner sections I then stood one up and screwed 2 of the 6 length boards. Since the fence boards are not cut the same you have to make them match with your trusty tape measure and saw. A carpenters square is a good tool to use for this.

Just like belairdirect simplifies your insurance we simplify life at the cottage by building planter boxes out of fence boards. Square off the dog eared end and dry fit the boards. It does require a little woodworking skill.

Turning your cottage into th. May 10 2021 - Explore Janet Apontes board Wood planters on Pinterest. Assemble the planter box - The planter box is made up of two rectangles jointed together.

See more ideas about wood planters planters planter boxes. Assemble two of the 36 pieces and two of the 18 pieces without the dog ears into a rectangle.

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